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Services You Can Expect with Hospice Care

Services You Can Expect with Hospice Care

As it is often called the end of life care, most people assume that availing of hospice care means giving up on your loved one’s condition. However, it actually ensures that the patients are receiving the care they need for their health condition. These include various services for the patients and their families.

As a provider of hospice care in Garden Grove, California, here are some services we offer:

  • A special plan made specifically for the patient to ease their pain and symptoms better
    This may include medication to ease the pain, medical equipment, and supplies, physical therapy, etc.
  • Regular check-ups from a team that is on call 24/7
    Aides will assist with activities such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, and cooking.
  • Social work and counseling
    The loved ones of the patient may avail of counseling and support as they accept their loved one’s condition and grieve.

Are you in need of palliative care in California? Come on over to Advocare Hospice. We work to elevate your quality of life beyond the limitations of your chronic condition. We have worked with terminally ill patients and their families.

We offer services such as visiting hospice nurses, pain management, hospice care coordination, and bereavement support.

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