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How to Bring the Talk of Hospice Care to Your Loved One

How to Bring the Talk of Hospice Care to Your Loved One

Starting the conversation about hospice care is never easy, but it has to be done. And years of providing hospice care in Garden Grove, California, at Advocare Hospice have only reinforced this.

By enlisting palliative care in California as early as possible, you can ensure that they are still able to make the most out of their final days, save on resources, and bring clarity to everyone involved. This makes the situation less stressful and allows everyone to focus on creating memories.

So, how do you go around this difficult conversation? We suggest starting with the following:

  • Recognize your loved one’s pain and everything they have been through up to now.
  • Engage them about their concerns and hopes at this time and for the future. Let them know about yours, too.
  • Open up about their options, prefacing the talk about the end of life care with an emphasis on them having their wishes and choices hears and respected.
  • Give them time to process your suggestion and the turn of events. Never force them to agree with you.
  • Make sure they are involved in planning everything about their care plan unless they choose not to.

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