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Things that Cause Discomfort to Terminally-Ill Patients


Living with health conditions may be difficult. The symptoms themselves aren’t comfortable either. There can be personal or external factors that cause discomfort to a dying person. So as a Hospice Care in Garden Grove, California, what can we contribute to their comfort?

First, let us identify the causes of discomfort:

  • Difficulty breathing – People who are very ill can experience shortness of breath. Their caregivers who provide Palliative Care in California should put them in a convenient position to help them breathe.
  • Sensitive skin – As a person reaches elderhood, the skin also gets old and becomes dry and itchy. Apply topical lotions for sensitive skin for relief.
  • Excessive treatment methods – We know that patients already experience so much pain due to their diseases. Excessive and unnecessary lab tests and procedures may trigger them more. Ask their physician for any alternatives or if the patients can skip such tests.
  • Environment – noise, specks of dust, hot and cold temperatures, and other factors in the surroundings can add to the distress of ill people. Keep their rooms clean, well ventilated, and away from the road and usually crowded spots.

Once we identify which one of these gives them trouble, we can provide the patients a better End of Life Care.

Advocare Hospice commits to sustaining care and support to people facing fatal conditions as well as their families. We consider their feelings as they face their pains. For assistance, contact us at 714-265-7348, and we are willing to help.

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