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Things That a Terminally-Ill Loved One Should Accomplish


When someone in the family faces a life-threatening condition, there are things the family has to consider. Everyone should be open-minded about the possibility of losing a family member, and so everyone must ready themselves for that day.

Parts of the things a person under End of Life Care needs to accomplish are:

  • Financial matters
    The person should transfer assets to the respective people and talk to them about the grounds to settle everything accordingly.
  • Medical matters
    The family must decide with their sick loved one about possible things they need to make decisions, like a Do-not-resuscitate or DNR order and other invasive treatment the patient doesn’t want to undergo. You should also know if the patient wishes to stay in the hospital or remain at home during their remaining time.
  • Funeral plans
    People usually have preferences in Hospice Care in Garden Grove, California, and dying wishes. Ask if the patient has special requests or prefers cremation to bury. Provide them the graceful exit they deserve.

It is hard to talk about these matters when a family member faces a painful situation. But it is crucial to finish all these before the time runs out. That way, everything is ready and polished when the day comes.

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