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Palliative Care at Home During the Pandemic

Palliative Care at Home During the Pandemic

You can receive hospice or palliative care anywhere you call home, such as a nursing home, assisted living home, senior care home, or your private residential home. During this health crisis, it is significant to stay at the comfort of your home while your loved one is receiving pain management or palliative care in California.

  • How hospice can help your family
    Hospice, in general, and palliative, in particular, are not focusing on curing cancer or other terminal illnesses. These end of life care services are offered to enhance the quality of life of patients by alleviating the pain or possibly extending the time of departing. Through clinical practices, hospice strives to reduce the symptoms of any chronic disease.
  • What particular services your family member can receive
    First, care coordination is of foremost significance. It is important to connect with your primary healthcare provider to initiate medical services. Second, you can allow a health professional to visit your loved one at home. This is for health monitoring and medicine administration purposes. Third, pain management will be provided by hands-on professionals offering hospice care in Garden Grove, California, to alleviate physical pain or discomfort.

Whether we’re in a global health crisis or not, hospice care agencies, like Advocare Hospice, are always prepared to deliver high-quality services. For further assistance, talk to one of our representatives at 714-265-7348. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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