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Learning to Live While Dying


Death is a subject that few like to consider, yet it will eventually become a reality for all of us. We may fully live if we learn to embrace death and let the ticking clock push us to greater heights rather than deeper sorrow.

It is discouraging and difficult to accept that our loved one is in hospice care in Garden Grove, California, and is nearing the end of their life. However, when we embrace death, acknowledge it by openly discussing it, and accept that it is unavoidable, it becomes easier on our loved ones and ourselves.

To learn to live in the face of death, one must first learn to love oneself. If you tend to be harsh on yourself, becoming aware of death is an empowering skill that can help you forgive yourself. And if you forgive yourself and let go of your fears about flaws and underachievement, you’ll have a lot more room in your life for the things that truly matter.

Live in the moment, love those who are important to you with all of your heart, mind, and soul. With our end-of-life care, we help you keep your focus on the present moment.

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