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Learning More About Hospice Care


Hospice is a supportive approach to end of life care that focuses on the control of pain and other symptoms as well as the provision of emotional, spiritual, and psychological support to patients and their family members. Hospice care involves daily assistance to counseling and other supportive services that helps the patient feel comfortable and satisfied amid terminal illness. As hospice caregivers care for patients, they also assist their loved ones through bereavement counseling or medical social worker services.

The goal of hospice is to provide focused care to the terminally ill patient when illnesses no longer respond to curative treatments, when the patient has a prognosis of 6 months or less to live, or when the patient chooses not to pursue aggressive therapies and decide to receive care at home.

Advocare Hospice, a well-known provider of hospice care in Garden Grove, California, understands the importance of quality of life and comfort, especially during the person’s last phase of life. With our team of compassionate and experienced hospice caregivers, we offer a wide range of person-centered services to address the needs of the whole family, respecting their choices and decisions during the delivery of services.

Should you seek further information about our hospice service and palliative care in California, do not hesitate to reach out to us. It is our pleasure to discuss this with you.

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