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Quality Hospice Care at No Cost To You

Our hospice care is dedicated to providing you with compassionate and dignified care that promotes quality of life, comfort and convenience. We are available 24/7. Give us a call for an evaluation: 714-265-7348

Designing a care approach that truly meets the unique needs of terminally ill patients and their families
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Our interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals offers their guidance and expertise in ensuring you and your loved one’s wellness and security in the face of a life-limiting condition.

We coordinate patient care activities among our care practitioners for a fully immersive and person-focused care experience. To accomplish this, our hospice team does the following:
– Know the patient, family, and their caregivers.
– Identify their personal wishes, situation, routines, personal capabilities, cultural or religious expectations, and plans for availing of care services.
– Determine the diagnosis and symptoms to establish a plan for palliation.
– Connect them with sources of psycho social, financial, and spiritual aid.
– Establish a caregiving routine for sustained support.
– Provide bereavement support in the event of a loss.

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